Psychiatric Trainings


Bashir psychiatric hospital is providing a one year postgraduate diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
The diploma is affiliated with Gandhara university of health sciences Peshawar Pakistan To our knowledge Postgraduate diploma in CBT at Bashir Psychiatric Hospital is the first of its kind in the country to be affiliated with a university.

Details of the Postgraduate diploma

Course Structure & Format
The Course begins with a 3 days introductory contact session
•It will be followed by further 3 contact sessions (three days each spaced at 3 months interval).
•In addition students would attend monthly one day online workshop covering one disease and its treatment model.  

During the 12 months training  candidates would  treat minimum of 6 patients using Cognitive Behavior therapy.
•Weekly supervision class in a group of 4 or 5.  
•For local students it is mandatory to physically attend the supervision class while students from other cities would join

Moodle:A designated Moodle had been developed for the diploma course so as to create online learning materials, add assignments, and keep an eye on the students’ progress.
•The Moodle would also allow us to communicate with the students and encourage communication between them in the forums and discussions

•One case report 5000 words
•One Essay 5000 words
•In the end  one paper 100 MCQs
•Second paper 20 SEQs
•Practical: 15 OSPE stations

Following successful course completion and clearing exams Gandhara university would confer Postgraduate diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Pg Dip CBT) to candidates.

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